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ADAS+DMS Camera System

Product Description

JOINLGO Driving safety auxiliary terminal is based on image recognition technology, realize monitoring of driver status,Artificial intelligence device that effectively interferes with driver's fatigue state and dangerous driving behavior by sound, data, etc.

Simultaneously,It can cooperate with the monitoring driving platform for data uploading, scheduling intervention and other functions.

JOINLGO based on embedded platform,Built-in self-developed image intelligent processing core algorithm,Using a dedicated camera to collect the driver's fatigue state image features in real time, and through the host core analysis board for rapid analysis, accurate analysis and judgment of the driver's facial fatigue state and unsafe driving behavior, to achieve continuous continuous perception and judgment, and On this basis, early warning tips and reports are issued.

JOINLGO also provides driver identification,If the current driver is not the legal driver of the vehicle, an alarm message is output.

JOINLGO' built-in Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) collects lane offset and anti-collision data in real time while driving, and outputs alarms in both voice and upload formats.

JOINLGO built-in GPS/Beidou dual-mode positioning module and 4G communication module to support mutual information transmission between stand-alone and monitoring platforms (optional function)

2 Product Features

(1) Fatigue detection alarm

   Detect driver fatigue through eye and face changes and give different levels of alert

   Adaptive adjustment of alarm sensitivity based on vehicle speed

   All-weather environment adaptation

(2) Driver identity authentication

   Reconova face recognition core algorithm

   Identity is completed within 2 seconds

   Driver registration, authentication, and inquiry functions

   Support recognition results voice prompts and reporting functions

(3) Bad driving behavior monitoring

   Driving yawn, fatigue driving behavior monitoring and reporting

   Monitoring and reporting of driving telephone calls

   Monitoring and reporting of driving without seat belts

   Monitoring and reporting of driving smoking behavior

   Driving away from driving line of sight prompt and report

   Signal and report of changing Road without turning signal

   Camera occlusion alarm reporting

(4) Lane deviation and collision alarm

   Lane shift warning and alarm tone warning

   Calculate collision warning levels and prompt alarm sounds based on real time velocities

   Automatic judgment of lane change

   Monitor driver lane change to turn signal

ADAS+DMS Camera System
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ADAS+DMS Camera System


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