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School Bus

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The system encodes and stores audio, video, GPS, and alarm data through the MDVR host. And through the Wifi/4G mobile network to complete the audio and video, alarm information, GPS data upload; at the same time to achieve remote upgrade of equipment, parameter modification, digital intercom, remote capture and other remote management operations.

The server monitoring center administrator only needs to authorize the corresponding vehicle through the server background software, and generate the corresponding account and password to manage it uniformly. At the same time, other accounts can be created through the web client for real-time viewing and management on other phones and computers.


1) Remote real-time monitoring and positioning

   Remote real-time monitoring, driving track search and playback can be realized through WIFI/4G wireless network, which effectively regulates the driver's civilized driving;

   Using the GPS satellite positioning system and combining real-time traffic conditions, the monitoring center can perform emergency command and dispatch and traffic information sharing for the vehicle.

2) Audio and video recording and playback

  Support 4 channels/8 channels of 1080P HD quality video and audio synchronous recording and playback, to ensure safe monitoring without dead ends;

  It can realize automatic download of local video by WiFi, and support remote video search, download and analysis playback.

3) Emergency alarm

 Alarm setting alarms such as abnormal oil quantity, overspeed alarm, texting and email/sms can be set;

  When encountering special emergency situations, you can press the photoelectric alarm output to evacuate traffic and prioritize traffic;

  When a sudden security incident such as robbery occurs, the alarm button can be used to quickly alert the management center. The management center can quickly obtain the live video of the alarm vehicle, and record or capture the evidence.

4) Peripheral device docking

  Docking the ultrasonic oil quantity sensor to realize the abnormal alarm of the oil quantity to prevent the occurrence of the theft of oil;

 Docking speed pulser to prevent drivers from speeding and reducing traffic accidents;

  Docking the IC card reader and cooperating with the SMS cat to realize the function of sending an SMS message to the parent cell phone by the IC card;

  Docking the digital walkie-talkie to realize voice intercom and scheduling between the management center and the driver.

5) Management Center System

  Real-time monitoring of vehicle distribution, real-time traffic grooming in special situations such as traffic jams;

  Alarm information processing, remote upgrade of equipment, remote parameter setting, remote equipment control, etc.

  The collection of driver assessment data such as abnormal oil quantity, overload and speeding, and telephone calls provides data support for the school's assessment of school bus drivers.

6) Remote View on the mobile phone/PC

 Add a sub-account in the Web client, and grant the viewing, management and other related permissions to the corresponding personnel or parents. You can view the real-time running status of the school bus through the mobile phone and computer login client.




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